What the fuck is it all about?!

I have spent the last 40 years in the punk scene,in bands like Anti Cimex, Troublemakers, Not Enough Hate, Driller Killer, Knife for an eye, Blindfisted, Wolfhour, Bring the drones and the Partisans. After loads of gigs, tours and records, age finally came to take its toll(not 100% true. There is more coming!). But the love to punk music wouldnt really die, and I still wanted my fair share of punkrock. Well, if you cant play it, release it! I have had this idea for quite a while but never really took the step to startup. Now Im sitting here with a non functional shoulder and a raging pandemic outside my window. The time was right to press the button! 

The name? Well, my intent is not to be a Anti Cimex record label, but to release stuff that I participate on and stuff I really like. I also have a plan to release a kind of memorial compilation over my punk rock years! But more on that later!
The name of the label is more a sign of my bad imagination. And the little detail that I had five minutes to come up with a name and a logo. So there we are! Lets see where this one leads!