PI$$ER - Crushed down to paste

Cimex Records, Kibou Records, TNS Records, AMOK Records, SPHC Records

They’re back! And upping the ante in the d-beat / hardcore with weird saxophone stakes. The first 7”, Wretched Life created quite a stir and sold out superfast, and now Crushed Down to Paste takes things up a notch over the course of its 20+ minutes. The saxophone is employed more extensively (but still with those wonky-sounding lines we all loved on the 7”) and the vocal effects are cranked up to 11.
The material is dynamic, moving from the thrashing anti-fascist bile of Nazi Rhythm to the beguiling, almost soulful, Dance in the Light of Your Burning Bridges, the five minute+ ending to the record, channelling NEU! As much as IMPALERS in its urge to break away from a destructive past and start anew. This isn’t punk-by-numbers and it never will be.
Some have called PI$$ER a d-beat / hardcore / punk “supergroup” and, in fairness, they do feature members / ex-members of DOOM, ANTI-CIMEX, THE DOMESTICS, SORE THROAT, THE SHITTY LIMITS, REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN, PERSONNEL, WOLFHOUR, BEAT THE RED LIGHT, BRING THE DRONES, TOKYO LUNGS, CABRO and more, but this band has a sound that no one else is making.


500 pressed worldwide. 150 on army green vinyl / 350 on black vinyl.

Knife for an eye - Damnation rock'n'roll


Cimex Records, Tvåtakt Records
Release 2020-08-01

When we put Driller Killer to hibernation I didnt actually have any band at all. And Al Rixon just put The Accidents to rest and moved to Gothenburg. We had been talking about doing something together for a long time. So we started to meet up in the rehearsal and did some songs. We really liked them and wanted someone to sing them, so we called Joe Visst, also vocals in Ticking Bombs, and bam, we had a band, sort of. We didnt have a bass player and a solo guitarist, but that didnt stop us. We lended people to both gigs and recordings.

Whatabout the music? I think its a good mash up between Motörhead and GBH. Fast, furious and with rock'n'roll as the foundation. We only did record the nine songs that this LP contains, and I must admit that Im very proud of my drumming here. Might be the best drumtracks I ever did! But thats me. Whatabout you? If your into fast, punky rock, this might be for you! 

We are the poison, why arent you?

A release in cooperation with Tvåtakt Records.

Professional Againsters - The mediocre sounds of the...

Cimex Records

Release 2020-11-13

Professional drunkards, amateur musicians! Thats what these three seasoned veterans from the outskirts of Gothenburg are. Besides that, they are old, fat and grumpy. In spite of this and an ill will against all living creatures, they decided to share their simple, but catchy rock´n´roll with us. Is it because they wanna punish us? Probably. We are talking guys with a vision. Blurred, but still a vision!

The songs are all rock'n'roll and punkrock. Think The Ramones, think the Accidents, think Rose Tattoo. Short and filled with every rock cliché you can think of. And I mean that in a good way. The ultimate party songs.

But remember, they hate you. And love beer. And pubs. Lower your expectations!





500 pressed. 100 on yellow vinyl / 400 on black vinyl.

7" vinyls


Froggy & the Ringes - Soft G

Kibou Records, No Front Teeth and Toxic Wotsit in the UK, Amok in Germany, and Cimex Records in Sweden

Release 2020-11-05

Here's the blurb for the uninitiated...

Few artists have ever captured the UK pond scene as have FROGGY & THE RINGES with their freshwater dominating sound. Their singles and albums are highly sought after by collectors. FROGGY & THE RINGES’ popularity in the dance field has exploded, producing record-breaking crowds wherever they go. Now comes “SOFT G”, but soft they are not, with more exciting originals like “AUCTION THIS!”, “DON’T LISTEN” and “(WE ARE) CHEAP BEER”…all in the style that only FROGGY & THE RINGES could capture.

FROGGY & THE RINGES are known by their many followers for possessing a tremendous musical sound as well as individual personality and showmanship. Froggy writes the words and Ranchard Ringe writes the music and also drives the bass guitar (which is the only way to describe his work). The other RINGES are Sir Ringe-o-Lot on keys; Ringe-o-Starr, providing the rock solid and explosive backbeat, and Claudio Winkelf-Ringe, whose lead guitar provides the basis for the original “squeals from the lily pad” sound. The group has an unusual vocalization plus a space-age, plus-beat sound…all of this makes FROGGY & THE RINGES! The next time you hear a riotous rock ‘n’ roll ‘ribbit!’ from the bulrushes it may just be FROGGY & THE RINGES!



Anti Cimex - Live Birkagården 1985

Cimex Records, Godzilla records
Release 2020-08-01

Gianluca of Godzilla records had previously released a vinyl LP with two live concerts with my old band Anti Cimex. This cassette simply contains one of the concerts, the one at Birkagården in Stockholm, 1985. Probably recorded on a simple taperecorder but still good enough quality that the bands sound and aggrevation is clear! Printed in 250 pieces, and Cimex record have 50 of them.