PI$$ER - Crushed down to paste (SOLD OUT)

Cimex Records(20%), Kibou Records (Main 20%), TNS Records(20%), AMOK Records(20%), SPHC Records(20%)

They’re back! And upping the ante in the d-beat / hardcore with weird saxophone stakes. The first 7”, Wretched Life created quite a stir and sold out superfast, and now Crushed Down to Paste takes things up a notch over the course of its 20+ minutes. The saxophone is employed more extensively (but still with those wonky-sounding lines we all loved on the 7”) and the vocal effects are cranked up to 11.
The material is dynamic, moving from the thrashing anti-fascist bile of Nazi Rhythm to the beguiling, almost soulful, Dance in the Light of Your Burning Bridges, the five minute+ ending to the record, channelling NEU! As much as IMPALERS in its urge to break away from a destructive past and start anew. This isn’t punk-by-numbers and it never will be.
Some have called PI$$ER a d-beat / hardcore / punk “supergroup” and, in fairness, they do feature members / ex-members of DOOM, ANTI-CIMEX, THE DOMESTICS, SORE THROAT, THE SHITTY LIMITS, REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN, PERSONNEL, WOLFHOUR, BEAT THE RED LIGHT, BRING THE DRONES, TOKYO LUNGS, CABRO and more, but this band has a sound that no one else is making.


500 pressed worldwide. 150 on army green vinyl / 350 on black vinyl.

Knife for an eye - Damnation rock'n'roll


Cimex Records (50%), Tvåtakt Records (50%)
Release 2020-08-01

When we put Driller Killer to hibernation I didnt actually have any band at all. And Al Rixon just put The Accidents to rest and moved to Gothenburg. We had been talking about doing something together for a long time. So we started to meet up in the rehearsal and did some songs. We really liked them and wanted someone to sing them, so we called Joe Visst, also vocals in Ticking Bombs, and bam, we had a band, sort of. We didnt have a bass player and a solo guitarist, but that didnt stop us. We lended people to both gigs and recordings.

Whatabout the music? I think its a good mash up between Motörhead and GBH. Fast, furious and with rock'n'roll as the foundation. We only did record the nine songs that this LP contains, and I must admit that Im very proud of my drumming here. Might be the best drumtracks I ever did! But thats me. Whatabout you? If your into fast, punky rock, this might be for you! 

We are the poison, why arent you?

A release in cooperation with Tvåtakt Records.

Professional Againsters - The mediocre sounds of the...

Cimex Records

Release 2020-11-13

Professional drunkards, amateur musicians! Thats what these three seasoned veterans from the outskirts of Gothenburg are. Besides that, they are old, fat and grumpy. In spite of this and an ill will against all living creatures, they decided to share their simple, but catchy rock´n´roll with us. Is it because they wanna punish us? Probably. We are talking guys with a vision. Blurred, but still a vision!

The songs are all rock'n'roll and punkrock. Think The Ramones, think the Accidents, think Rose Tattoo. Short and filled with every rock cliché you can think of. And I mean that in a good way. The ultimate party songs.

But remember, they hate you. And love beer. And pubs. Lower your expectations!





500 pressed. 100 on yellow vinyl / 400 on black vinyl.


Pi$$er - Carved up for yuks (Sold out)

Cimex Records (20%), Kibou Records (Main 20%),

Release 2021-02-26

189 pressed on red vinyl / 125 on limited black.

If you’ve heard the much-acclaimed debut 7”, 'Wretched Life', or the equally well-received follow-up mini LP, 'Crushed Down to Paste', you’ll have already sussed that PI$$ER do things a bit differently, especially given the usually tight stylistic parameters of the d-beat genre that underpins their frenetic sound.

Having thus far shunned any traditional ‘band photos’, instead using mutant collages which neatly reflect the Frankenstein’s’ Monster approach taken with their unique and uncompromising music, provides a visual clue that we’re not dealing with a run-of-the-mill band here.

Described by some as “just too weird”, and by others as “a revelation”, this is always going to be a marmite band – you’re either going to want to smooch it raw or recoil in disgust; there’s unlikely to be much middle ground. I guess d-beat with a prominent saxophone was always going to be divisive!

So, hot on the heels of 'Crushed Down to Paste', comes 'Carved Up for Yuks', and if the previous releases hadn’t bewildered sections of the punk public enough, then this might just be the one to do it. 'Carved Up for Yuks' is the sound of KING TUBBY and LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY fighting viciously over how best to mix a DISCHARGE record. Brand new versions of tracks from 'Wretched Life' and 'Crushed Down to Paste' make up the tracklist here. Heavy reverb and delay, monstrously treated sounds soaked in effects, complete restructuring of the original songs – in some cases to the extent that they sound like entirely different songs – are what this record offers. This isn’t one of those remix records where you can barely tell the difference between the original version and the remix; these are radical treatments, as you should expect from PI$$ER by now. “Carved Up” really is the right phrase, although ‘utterly eviscerated’would have been an equally apt descriptor!

PI$$ER is unlike most other bands. PI$$ER will not stagnate. PI$$ER is not for everyone., but a fantastical journey awaits those with inquiring minds and strong enough stomachs.



The Chris Rolling Squad - Cannonball holocaust

Cimex Records (Main 80%), Tvåtakt records (20%)

Release 2021-04-16

The punks labels them as metalheads and the metalheads labels them as punks. But they are neither of it, they are pure rock´n´roll!

I didnt know much about french music when I got a mail from this bunch, but god damn, they blew me right off my chair when I listened to the songs on this LP. I still said no, because I thought this kinda music is not my customers choice of music. But then I remembered that the criteria to be released on Cimex records is that I liked it. And I really like this! So I changed my mind and released it! Fuck it if nobody else likes it, Im still following my plan!

The bands music ranges from raging rock, with punk influences, to grass root rock, to rockabilly influences. They literally are bubbling with good songs and riffage in a wide variety off the pedigree of rock´n´roll! Hellacopters and Supersuckers are big influences. As well as Zeke and Thin Lizzy. I told you, variety! And one of the coolest covers ever made!

Enjoy The Chris Rolling Squad. I know I will!

(And yes, this is called Cimex004. The other Cimex004 is!)





500 pressed. 150 on marble orange vinyl / 350 on black vinyl.


Rukous - Kaikki saastuneet tuhotaan

Cimex Records (Main 66%), Kibou records (33%)

Release 2021-04-23

On my label I am releasing stuff that I like. And this is a release I really like! I liked it from the first minute I listened to it!
Rukous is a finnish storm. Thats the only way I can describe them! When I first heard this record I felt pure joy! Hardcore punk played just as I want it to be played! Hard, fast and a ferocity that is rarely heard! You can clearly hear that these guys are pissed off!

The second coming from these guys from Helsinki, Finland is like a slap to your face. Thundering bass, machinegun drums, apocalyptic guitars and that pissed off finnish voice is gonna make this one a favourite record of mine for a long time forward! How do they sound? Like early Disfear on speed partying with Rattus, and Motörhead pops by for a quick one! And all of them are pissed af!

This is a classic to be! If you miss this one youre out of your mind!



300 pressed on black vinyl.


Loose Nukes - Fast forward to extinction

Cimex Records (33%), Kibou records (33%), Kangaroo records (33%)

Release 2022-07-18

LOOSE NUKES were formed in Houston, Texas in 2016 by Mike Grayum and Matt Juarez. The duo had previously played together in punk band CRIME WAVE and in hardcore thrash band JANITOR. The band were initially inspired by the early wave of American punk bands, particularly speed-core bands NEOS and KORO.

The initial line-up of the group consisted of Mike Grayum on lead vocals, Matthew Juarez and bass, Derek Harvey on guitars and David Klotz on drums. This line-up recorded the first demo Fast Forward to Extinction in July 2017 at Digital Warehaus studios, Houston. The group has since released 2 7" EPs and 1 full length LP.

The aforementioned demo is what you get here, albeit with one track dropped, and a few others from the same recording session added - remastered and on vinyl for the first time, and with new artwork. If you enjoy fast, intense, U.S. hardcore, then this is 100% for you.
released July 18, 2022


Professional Againsters - Kill a punk for rock´n´roll

Cimex Records (100%)

Release 2022-06-03

The second coming of these bastards.

So you’ve never heard of the Professional Againsters, you say?

Here’s what you need to know about them. The Professional Againsters have…

… released three digital EP:s since 2015: “The good, the bad & the Professional Againsters” (2016), “Everybody hates the Professional Againsters” (2017) and “Hated by many, loved by few” (2018). Smash the discos webzine called their latest effort “full of catchy melodies and driving rhytms and great to crack beers to” and frankly, who are we to argue?

… their first full length album, “The mediocre sounds of the Professional Againsters”, was released on Cimex Records in 2020.

… shared stages with legends such as The Dwarves, Electric Eel Shock and Sator. Their live shows are characterized by their motto “less talk, more punkrock” and they’ll hit you like a blind truckdriver.

… members from that have previously played in now defunct rock’n’roll combo Rawmania and horrorpunk outfit The Dead Next Door. The band were born out of a mutual love for bands such as the Ramones, Lazy Cowgirls, Motörhead and New Bomb Turks.

… a divisive effect on its listeners. Either you love them or hate them. Not that the band cares about which side of the fence you end up on.


Warhawk - Pray for war

Cimex Records (100%)

Release 2022-11-18

This time I let the band speak for themselves: 

Hello Boys and Girls.
So, what do have we here, another of those heavy rock LPs? I thought that was out of style, passed on to the bargainbin at best?
Well, you might be right, but if thats the way you see it, you might aswell walk over to the shelf of "top ten of the week", and a good day to you.
But if you are one of those out of style and out of order people, then maybe you came to the right place just this time.
Here we have another of those heavy rock albums, pressed into some wierd black plastic discus..
Its our first one, but its already old..both by time standards and musical contents standard. Not as old as Jerry Lee or Elvis, not as modern as Pantera, but somewhere in between.
So what is it then? Well, its screaming marshalls, its some o.t.t drums, its a drunken guy from Rotviksbro howlin at the moon. Electrified mayhem, but still in control.

4 guys with russian drinking habits, with an endless love for rock n roll acts like Girlschool, Motorhead, Tank and Venom. They all bow to the altar of little Richard and totally obaey Scandinavian Hardcore from the 80s..
This is what happens when those 4 guys meet up, write some tunes, and finally record em.
Like it or not, we dont give a dogs ass. We are the hawks of war and our prayers goes for all out of it.


GreeD - When the holocaust come

Cimex Records (100%)

Release 2022-11-25

Greed comes from Mexico. They play raw, dirty, hardcore punk with some grains of black metal in the music.


Rövsvett - We are the roadkill

Cimex Records (100%)

Release 2022-12-09

I am so proud to be the one to release this one! The only band that kept the banner high and still crushing it. And still doing it their own twisted way! I aint gonna introduce this band, they should be known by anyone who can spell the word P.U.N.K. So here it is, We are the roadkill, Rövsvetts newest album, and it gonna rip you a new cacao hole!!



Domestic curse - The five curses

Cimex Records (20%), Kibou records (20%), Guerilla records (20%), Automonster records (20%), Charlies big raygun records (20%)

Release 2022-11-30

This is the debut release by DOMESTIC CURSE.  It’s a 5 song mini LP, clocking in at a little over 21 minutes.

Given that James Domestic (The Busiest Man in DIY punk™) seems to release a record with one of his bands/projects on an almost monthly basis, this has been an incredibly slow burner, several years in the making. 

Domestic and Hewson have been acquainted for years, with their bands sharing bills on many occasions.  The idea of teaming up and incorporating Domestics’ lyrics into the electronic maelstrom that Hewson dishes up with his CURSE project had been marinating for a while, and finally comes to fruition on The Five Curses.

Musically, we’re in electronic overload…think throbbing, whirring, and rattling synths, thumping kick drums, skeletal drum ‘n’ bass, chest-thumpin’ bottom end, and raw punk vocals in a long-form almost-stream-of-consciousness style; sneering and barbed.  Lyrical targets include perpetual timewasters, thick-as-shit fascists, mid-life crisis melts, coked-up estate agents, serial exaggerators, and a culture that sees us annihilate ourselves on the regular as a means of fleeting escape.

Dirty squatted warehouse music for clued up punks. Crank it waaaaaay up, ya cunts!



JAMES DOMESTIC (The Domestics / PI$$ER / Tokyo Lungs / Körd Varld / Hazard Profile / solo)

JOHN HEWSON (The Five String Dropout Band / CURSE / The Jabberwocky Prayers)

Music: Hewson / Lyrics: Domestic

Tolshock - The unavoidable discography 2xLP

Cimex Records (50%), Halvfabrikat records (50%)

Release 2022-12-12

The long awaited discography on a double LP by this underrated Swedish crust band active in the 90s. With members from bands such as Farcical, Counterblast, Warcollapse, Dom Där, Slaktmask, Jesus Exercise, Siebensunden and G-Anx. This double LP contains 50 songs from the EPs Spikes and studs and hard to the core and distortion and screams and fight war not wars, The Heritage Of Violence, Split w/ Scumbrigade and Pointless Stand. On Side D there are a live set, recorded in Christiania, as bonus, as well as the previously unreleased Malmö demo.

Jonas: vocals
Jocke: vocals
Ågren: guitar
Janne: bass
Hoccy: drums


DSM-5 - Skärblacka D-beat LP

Cimex Records (50%), Lonercult records (50%)

Release 2023-06-16

This three piece band are finally debuting on a 12". Relentless and proper D-beat delivered like it used to be. Theres really not much more to say, it´s a bulldozer on it´s way to your head!


The Domestics - East Anglian Hard core LP

Cimex Records (25%), TNS records (25%), Kibou records (25%), Kangaroo records (25%)

Release 2023-06-01

Long awaited new full length album from THE DOMESTICS. The fastest, tightest, stop-on-a-dime hardcore money can buy!!! You thought the last LP, ‘Cherry Blossom Life’ was great? Wait until you hear this!!!

Comes with a 16 page A4 art/lyric booklet. Front cover art by Wesley Brown.


Deny - Wildfire LP

Cimex Records (50%), Flyktsoda records (50%), 

Release 2023-06-30

The follow-up of their crushing first LP, "Dystopia", this Skaraborg bunch deliver another punch to your nose, clearly stating that proper D-beat hails from the plains of Skaraborg!
On black and limited green vinyl. 
A cooperation with Flyktsoda records.


Warhawk - Dambuster LP

Cimex Records

Release 2023-08-04

Less than a year after "Pray for war" Warhawk are back with the follow-up "Dambuster". And no one is gonna get dissapointed. It is as Motörheadish, filthy and punky as it can be. Full throttle filth rock is what you have to expect, nothing else. Buckle up and hold on to your hats!


Boogie Hammer - By popular demand LP

Cimex Records (50%), Tvåtakt records (50%), 

Release 2023-06-23

Pow! Pow!

Cimex Records, together with Tvåtakt Records, are very happy to present By Popular Demand by the mighty Boogie Hammer. This is a "best of" record that spans over their entire career - from the first demo til their latest 7.

Side One
1. A little bit better
2. Full bingo
3. Born on a rampage
4. Pay for everything (you break)
5. Two out of three aint bad
6. (The return of) the great Süpurgesi
7. Whiteliner
8. Karanlik yollar

Side Two
1. Chainsaw
2. All revved up
3. A heartbeat away from heartbreak
4. Rock on
5. Middle aged skinhead Rock n roll
6. Last day at the plant
7. Donnowattado
8. Vienna by night

Limited edition 500 copies.
350 black vinyls.
150 blue vinyls.
First 100 orders (50 from Tvåtakt records and 50 from Cimex Records) will get a idol card of the mighty D. Wall for free.


Scared Earth - Death comes tumbling down LP

Cimex Records (20%), Phobia records (20%), Pike Records (20%), Anomie Records (20%), Ryvvolte Records (20%) 

Release 2023-11-15

Stockholm D-beat.

With members that has played in bands like Svart Parad, Dom Där, Martial Mosh and Dissober, you get an idea of the sound, we’re talking mid 80’s rawpunk with traces of hardcore, punk/metal and anarchopunk! Like a lot of the early swedish bands like Anticimex, Headcleaners, Svart Parad, Krunch and Mob 47 that took the influences from England and the USA and created a uniqe and individual Swedish sound for each band!

7" vinyls


Froggy & the Ringes - Soft G

Kibou Records (Main 20%), No Front Teeth (20%) and Toxic Wotsit (20%) in the UK, Amok (20%) in Germany, and Cimex Records (20%) in Sweden

Release 2020-11-05

Here's the blurb for the uninitiated...

Few artists have ever captured the UK pond scene as have FROGGY & THE RINGES with their freshwater dominating sound. Their singles and albums are highly sought after by collectors. FROGGY & THE RINGES’ popularity in the dance field has exploded, producing record-breaking crowds wherever they go. Now comes “SOFT G”, but soft they are not, with more exciting originals like “AUCTION THIS!”, “DON’T LISTEN” and “(WE ARE) CHEAP BEER”…all in the style that only FROGGY & THE RINGES could capture.

FROGGY & THE RINGES are known by their many followers for possessing a tremendous musical sound as well as individual personality and showmanship. Froggy writes the words and Ranchard Ringe writes the music and also drives the bass guitar (which is the only way to describe his work). The other RINGES are Sir Ringe-o-Lot on keys; Ringe-o-Starr, providing the rock solid and explosive backbeat, and Claudio Winkelf-Ringe, whose lead guitar provides the basis for the original “squeals from the lily pad” sound. The group has an unusual vocalization plus a space-age, plus-beat sound…all of this makes FROGGY & THE RINGES! The next time you hear a riotous rock ‘n’ roll ‘ribbit!’ from the bulrushes it may just be FROGGY & THE RINGES!


Körd Värld - Total distortion

Kibou Records (Main 50%), Cimex Records (50%)

Release 2021-02-26

307 copies on coal-coloured vinyl (OK, black!).

4 raging slabs of raw, stripped-to-the-bone hardcore from Charlie Claesson (ANTI-CIMEX/DRILLER KILLER/BRING THE DRONES/PI$$ER/THE PARTISANS/KNIFE FOR AN EYE...) and James Domestic (THE DOMESTICS/PI$$ER/TOKYO LUNGS/CABRO/BRING THE DRONES...).

Full-on, barely produced and memorable stuff.

Simply a covid project between me and James Domestic. No gigs means more records!


Zero against - Revert to nothing

Kibou Records (Main 25%), Cimex Records (25%), Little Jan´s Hammer records (25%) and Sick World records (25%)

Release 2021-03-19

Featuring members/ex-members of WARWOUND, STAMPIN’ GROUND, GRAND COLLAPSE, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, DECADENCE WITHIN, REGRET, BRING TO RUIN, EPHEMERAL FOETUS and many more you know this band have a great pedigree. But forget all that; ZERO AGAIN are doing something of their own and it’s a powerful mix of RUDIMENTARY PENI, TRAGEDY, NEUROSIS, KILLING JOKE and DEAD KENNEDYS.

‘Revert to Nothing’ is the second E.P. from the band, coming hot on the heels of the ‘Out of the Crooked Timbers of Humanity’ E.P., with lyrics reflecting the bleak times we live in politically and socially, adding further weight to these five crushing songs.

Can't wait to catch these guys live!

If you're in or around New Zealand, please order from Sick World Records.

If you're in or around England, please order from Kibou Records.

If you're in or around Spain, please order from Little Jan's Hammer Records.


Mongrel(Ireland) - Guff(Norway) -
Inner self
Split 7"

Cimex Records, Phobia Records, Distroy Records, Tormenta de Ideas, Pumpkin Records, Wargame Records, and Dead Invoice Records.

Release 2022-12-09

Recorded and Engineered by Charles Knox at Sabretooth Studios. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door. Artwork by Emilie Hayden-Rasmussen, layout by VoW.

Released by Cimex records, Phobia Records, Distroy Records, Tormenta de Ideas, Pumpkin Records, Wargame Records and Dead Invoice Records.

Double raw hardcore attack. Ireland vs Norway.


Blisterhead - Bad Blood

Cimex Records, Laketown Records, Punkebjartes punkeplater..

Release 2023-04-21

The last band standing from the 1990s streetpunk movement now makes a move towards raw punk.Swedish punxBlisterheadare known for their melodic punkrock’n roll, often compared to the likes ofRancidandDropkick Murphys, as demonstrated on their critically acclaimed last album "The Stormy Sea” (2021).

Now they are back, harder and more aggressive then ever, with their new EP ”Bad Blood”. Rough enough to be released by the drummer fromAnticimexbut still with those strong defined choruses that has madeBlisterheada household name in the punkrock community the last 20+ years.

The apocalyptic front cover fits like a glove and gives the direction of the 4 songs already before the first listen.

Tracklist: A1: Bad Blood A2: Dead Night B1: Long Live The Church B2: Violence

Music and text by Blisterhead
Recorded and mixed by Kim Gravander, Let them swing Studio
Mastered by Ulf Blomberg, Hobo Rec



Anti Cimex - Live Birkagården 1985 (SOLD OUT)

Cimex Records, Godzilla records
Release 2020-08-01

Gianluca of Godzilla records had previously released a vinyl LP with two live concerts with my old band Anti Cimex. This cassette simply contains one of the concerts, the one at Birkagården in Stockholm, 1985. Probably recorded on a simple taperecorder but still good enough quality that the bands sound and aggrevation is clear! Printed in 250 pieces, and Cimex record have 50 of them.